“The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan S. Rubin

I came across The Maker’s Diet by chance and gave it a go because diets, fad or not, interest me. I had read 3/4ths of it before I misplaced it somewhere in the city. It wasn’t worth finishing from my perspective, so I didn’t bother to get it back. Here are some of my notes and impressions from the book, written in order of the content. Note: I am not religious.

  • The author hit the jackpot with health problems y i k e s. But damn, he made quite a transformation. 👀
Hello daddy… 😏💦😩
  • Holy crap… Five pages into this book and Rubin has mentioned God more times than I think about dick in a day. I get that ~God is your savior~ but do you really need to mention Him every other sentence?
  • Pigs are disease-spreading garbage, apparently.
At least this vermin is cute! 😍
  • Primitive people are super healthy. Just look at their teeth!!
  • Agriculture sucks. Industrialization sucks more. Best to go back to the Adam & Eve diet of eating straight off of trees.
  • Each minute asleep before midnight is like four minutes asleep after midnight.
  • Rubin’s grandma poos regularly!!
  • The author throws down as many biblical verses as possible, relevant or not. It’s just making him look like a religious zealot. (Isn’t he tho?)
  • The Jews were such clean people!! God blessed them with hygiene!
  • We need to eat dirt. What kind of dirt? Well, Rubin is selling some packaged dirt at your convenience! You just need to dish out a shit ton of money. He is also selling stuff from his “cleanology” brand, which lets you clean your nails for just a dozen or so dollars!
  • Showering is pointless. You gotta bathe in your grime!
  • Vaccines cause autism.
  • EMFs from your phone and computer will kill you.
  • Synthetic fabric will kill you.
  • Using hygiene products will kill you.
  • Aerobic exercise will kill you.
  • Any diet that isn’t God’s diet will kill you.
  • Rubin said swallowing (in some cases, but who cares about context?) is not good. So, boys, stop asking me to swallow!!!!! 🙄
  • Don’t eat anything with pesticides, herbicides, animal growth hormones, antibiotics or any hybridized and irradiated GMO foods. AKA everything in the grocery store. Buy from the author’s expensive natural food shops instead!
  • Wow, you have an entire chapter of just testimonials. Seriously??? Waste of paper.
  • On page 141, Rubin literally rewords pooping 5 times. I wish I still had my book just so I could quote it. 😿
  • What Rubin experiences as mindfulness is all credited to God. What else is new?
  • “Placebo is based on beliefs of falsehood, faith on truth.” Uh…

Jokes aside, The Maker’s Diet makes mostly solid points, emphasizing the importance of…

  • Sleep
  • Your gut
  • Getting appropriate nutrients
  • Eating naturally
  • Mindfulness and positive thinking

The only thing new to me is Rubin’s argument against eating pigs. I can see how pork offers less nutritional value, since pigs eat almost everything and anything, whereas, say, cows are strictly herbivores who (should) eat grass. Other than that, this book is just a natural/clean eating diet with lots of religiosity sprinkled in. An okay read if you’re bored, but don’t go out of your way to pick this book up.

I’d give this 2 out of 5 GMO, pesticide, herbicide, antibiotics, and hybridized-free overzealous Christians.


“God-fearing Christian”

I am not religious, and I admit to having little to no understanding of the widespread religions. I’d like to believe, however, that the core of most if not all religions is that of compassion and love for all (yourself, others, and the world around you).

Why then is it a compliment to say you fear God? If God is love, why would He inspire fear in us?

From what I understand, God is our “Father,” a figurative daddy who’s ready to punish us when we’re being bad. 😜😜😜 Jokes aside, a father must be stern with his children at times. While his actions may intimidate, they come from a place of love.

People operate on different levels of consciousness. Some folks live life only through conditioned responses. Buried by ignorances, their minds are too deep in shit to be aware of anything besides their ego, let alone a higher power. These people, whether they blame others or themselves, see the world through a lens of hatred and dissatisfaction instead of love and acceptance. They don’t know that they are used to fear, thus unconsciously seeking it out. Although they will deny it, they can only respond to stimuli they’re used to (fear). Thus, one could argue, you must “speak their language” to reach them.

Fear and other strong, primal emotions fuel people into a state of vulnerability. People can either continue to resist and run, or surrender to reality. The former will live ignorantly and experience more and more pain until they are triggered into acceptance or until they die with misery. Those who surrender to reality let in love. In this case, the love of God.

Can people learn to love without a trigger? Maybe. I’d like to believe so. But at the same time, only those who have faced hardships and loss seem to understand the true meaning of love. It’s akin to being sheltered and raised in a bubble — you don’t truly know what the world is until your perception of it crumbles before you.

So perhaps God must incite fear in those who are metaphorically asleep so they can hear Him. He is using fear to catalyze our awakening.

But, I wonder… If He can use fear as long as the intentions are pure, does that imply that humans can and should as well? Are violence and scare-tactics commonly used in social movements justified so long as the crowd is well-intentioned? Is war truly peace? 🤔🤔🤔